Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why join the Massachusetts Ice Skating Club?

    The Massachusetts Ice Skating Club is a certified Learn to Skate USA program. Mass ISC offers a beginning ice skating program that is FUN, challenging and rewarding. Participation in the program will enable skaters of all ages to learn the fundamentals of the sport and begin a lifetime commitment to health and fitness. Skating is one of the world’s greatest sports! A combination of athletics and artistry, participation in skating can be very satisfying. It can improve coordination and balance, stimulate your heart and circulation, relieve stress and build muscles. Whether your goal is to aim for the OLYMPICS, improve your overall health and fitness, or just HAVE FUN, you are sure to realize those goals by joining the Mass ISC here at The Worcester Ice Center.

  • What does it include when I join?

    • General liability insurance coverage through US Figure Skating
    • General information about ice skating
    • Basic skills record book with stickers
    • Badges as skaters complete different levels
    • Official Learn to Skate USA membership card
    • Year patch, denoting membership year
    • Health and Fitness
    • New cognitive, physical and social emotional skills
    • Use of Ice Time
    • Certified Learn to Skate USA Instructors
  • How many kids are in each class?

    Mass ISC generally holds a 10 – 1 Ratio for class size. Lower levels will also have additional teacher assistant’s (TA’s) skating instructors.

  • What is the mission of the Learn to Skate Program?

    Our mission is to provide a goal-oriented program that encourages ice skating at all levels and to enhance the quality of skating skills at these levels.

  • What are the objectives of the program?

    • To provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as well as the more advanced skater
    • To teach correct technique of the simple basic elements
    • To promote health and physical fitness
    • To enable all participants to achieve the skills necessary to either skate for fun for the rest of their lives or to move competently into the U.S. Figure Skating advanced test and/or competitive structure, or into a USA hockey program.
  • What do I wear?

    1. Warm clothes that will allow for easy movement, snow pants, hats & MITTENS!
    2. Helmets are mandatory for all Learn to Skate levels (bike helmets are acceptable).
    3. If your skater is in the learn how to figure skate group, He/She will need single blade figure skates
      (with a toe pick, toe picks are for learning how to jump and spin).
    4. Also for the Free skate level skaters it is suggested that your child wear a skating dress for a girl and tight fitting sweater and neat sweat pants for a boy.
    5. For a Learn to Play Hockey Skater, you will need helmet with face cage, hockey gloves, and a stick.