Coaches’ Ice/Freestyle Ice, Stick and Puck

Coaches’ Ice is a time for hockey players to take advantage of one on one training.

Freestyle Ice is ice time for experienced figure skaters to practice skating, jumps, and spins. Hockey players are welcome on afternoon freestyle Ice as well with NO PUCKS.

Stick & Puck is offered to all experienced hockey players, helmet and gloves are required.

For times refer to the schedule below.

  • Cost:
    • Coaches’ Ice = $20.00 per 50min session
    • Freestyle Ice = $20.00 per 50min session
    • Stick & Puck = $15.00 per session
    • Punch card options Coming Soon!
  • Other information:
    • Coaches using Coaching and Freestyle ice for lessons MUST present a copy of insurance prior to skating

Ice Schedule 


  • All skaters must check in and pay at desk before skating.
  • Hockey players need to be in lesson, they can not practice on their own.
  • NO STICK or PUCK on sessions that are designated as freestyle ice.
  • Hockey lessons should follow a counter clockwise direction around the rink just like moves in the field.  
  • All new coaches must be cleared by Skating Director ahead of teaching at BSI.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact BSI’s Skating Director

  • Monday

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday